There Is The Light

December 2019; Chicago, Ill (C) Ter E Rucks

There is purpose why darkness occurs;

to grant us authority to seek the light to see

for the need to escape from the spreader seeds of captivity that’s trying to rapture our soul from reactive activity to break out our iniquity.

Light can’t expose light… only the light can expose the dark.

Light exposes the rawness what we don’t want to see. Light exposes the ruins, the trauma, the pain, the agony and defeat that overwhelms the greatest enemy of me.

Light introduces us where we come from to see the work at hand.

Light introduces us to see what’s behind the truth from the darkness in order put into mind-frame of will, to move forward with a plan to withstand.

Dark times, dark nights may appear; but it can’t stay long when the Salt and Light is within you.

Look at the the sky at night, for there is a moon that proves and declares a movement, that the Prince of Peace is at still without a move on the throne.

August 2019, Chicago, Ill (c) Ter E Rucks

(C) 2020 Ter E Rucks

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