Healing Man: Tales from the Inside Male…

The greatest inner me is my enemy.

So many questions. So many thoughts to ponder and wonder

What’s the benefit for me in the journey to healing?

It takes much zeal to see what’s real inside the package deal to surprise me.

With so much thrill, I see to witness time steal to kill at will what I thought was my fault what I had no control over.

Condemnation was my conviction as a convicted felon of my own pity; led me to the pits of hell I couldn’t tell the condition on a grounded foundation.

The failure foundation of recognition to know where I stand in God’s plan as a Man.

Who am I? What’s my voice? Where do I stand on to plant a fertile for the relationships of my surroundings how I seeded?

A man has the power factor to make a quality relationship “good or bad”.

A man has influence over children to be built up by his active communication or be severed and ill from the flu of his coldness of inactive retentions of his unaware intentions.

A man has produce for community to be tight in unity for resources; but without his directive leadings how will unity in community can be restored in stability to protect and reserve rights of the people for approval and dignity?

But what kind of a man has dignity to dig deep inside himself to love his iniquities far away?

A Healing man.

A man of persistence. A man of consistence. A man of resistance to hate the reminder of being a prisoner of yesterday.

Though today he still exists, he doesn’t escape the realities of the fatalities on yesterday.

But there’s beauty to death. In order to save a life, you must lose your life. In order to have new breath, death must be resurrected.

Can a man be healed if he’s not willing to lay down to transform?

There’s no words in formulation needed for a healing man; he just a man of deeds to do what he needs to do to see what’s worth to live by. For love isn’t lived by words alone, but by his steps to walk forward.

Healing is courageous; his guts to transition one bold step to the next is contagious;

yet he has a story that’s not been sold to be told what he has to encounter near what’s called, fear.

Being a man who is healed doesn’t mean you don’t have any fears;

It just mean you have meaningful purpose to face against the fears what causes your tears to want to heal again.

Healing man, Man of change. How will change take place if you don’t take advantage of the chances you were given by grace?

(C) 2020 Ter E Rucks

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