Love While It Hurts…

Let me love your sheep Lord even while it hurts;

Let the blood 🩸 flows out of my veins

from the piercings from the crowd of scabs who would love to stab in my back to displace my reign ordained by you.

Let me love in the black room where there is no sight to see

to prove a track record that there is a right possibility to, love while it hurts.

For there’s no curse for the chosen ones who are hurt;

For the chosen ones who stay involve in the bloody bath of wills

Will evolve in full circle to revolve from ashes to classes, from glory to glory, from trauma to triumph.

So Let it out. Let the blood gushes graphically for the graphics to tell the true story how we got here.

Let someone feels the warm embrace of the warm blooded you’ve shatter before the lives of others you serve and protect before yourself.

Let them feel the heartbeat, pumping blood, every drip- drop, to signal the sirens with a prophetic sign with a cry so loud to never be ever so proud to give to love with no suffer.

Love while it hurts.

Love shouldn’t hurt this much; but who says that the love that has to be sacrificed to be saved, has to be a smooth voyage when it’s not a destination?

For Love is not for the fainted who wants to paint the picture of expectancy fancy;

There’s much grueling to the process to get through the nasty repercussions to withstand the best of tested time.

Don’t be discouraged at the fest of the battles; love is risky for the risked against the wicked of the unseen realm.

Give your best to love while it hurts, because; someone is looking for the best of the love they always seek to wonder that was sacrificed on your behalf.

(C) Ter E Rucks 2020

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