The Sweet Difference of Significance. (Ode To Relationships.)

This is a Blessing from Heaven above, a love that’s pure like a dove.

Creation from God exalts the Godly in you and me, to present the big picture that’s not so haughty.

The attraction how our blood flows that circulate our heart and hormones in our testosterone is nothing to be naughty in shame.

Relationship is science; to witness the sweetness and enrichment of our biologics. There are subjects we need to study psychologically to show ourselves approve to apply and understand what’s the way to take care what’s in effect.

Relationship is a language.

To be equally yoke, is to speak the same language and understand what’s one accord; but the unique differences of our dialect is a necessity to create a great tune for the right song.

To stay attune in the Spirit to stimulate the lyrics to form our words; To stay attune with our psychologic to form a note for harmony, to input the body of work to play the keys of life.

Relationships, it’s harmonious, it never harms the keys of our communication to commune in unity for a community.

Everything else matters in the air we breathe in gravity between the frequency of our chemistry; our body language, our energy, the taste buds of our word choice to fight up against the viral travesty.

How special a relationship is where I can share my peace with you and you share your joy with me;

I share my tears with you, you share your fears with me;

I share my vision with you, you share your mission with me;

I share my world with you, you share your chance with me!

Nothing else matters in this world than what we have together.

If I shine, you rise. When I go, my greatest success is to tag you to take you where I go. What you see before your eyes is bigger than I; what is for me is to keep for we.

What is the greatest factor of this relationship what God put together? The Significance of Differences.

Making a difference to expand our minds, extend our horizons, enlarge our territory, magnify our reach, increase our worth, develop a plan; to prepare for a love that will never fail.

(C) 2020 Ter E Rucks

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