Soulful Woman: Wife of Salvation

Loving, nurturing, healing, from the moon to the noon of the Sun.

Her Salvation from the living Son makes life so much fun; always sees an adventure, taking care what needs to be done.

Wife of Salvation. She’s the the sent one from above. She’s tasteful in her demeanor from the interior to the exterior;

Never inferior in the big moment showcasing her craft of simplicity with consistency; for complimentary is not compatible with complaining and consistency.

Wife of Salvation. A soulful woman.

Humble-Reflective, Generous-Optimistic, Creative-Producer

Procreate-Fruit Bearer

Wealthy-Healthy Transparent-Truth


Honorable to rise above against opposition of oppression by any means.

A defender for all; as people run to the arms her, she will carry the child of burden and point up in the Sky to tell them truth of the Living Son who radiates above the universe who observes the time to know what is up to come for every generation to come to know him.

Soulful woman, a wife of salvation. My soul loves her very much; as I love her, how much I honor her God who breathe life upon her who transcend the ways internally eternally.

(C) 2020 Ter E Rucks

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