Natural Affection

Natural Affection, it is the new direction where my heart lies.

Whatever my heart thinks my mouth speaks, speaking into existence to establish to build on a organic soul.

In a world where vanity of selfishness is in fullness, it can not change the world without a single touch to help another when we are only focused within ourselves.

Natural affection, it is God’s forte, it is one in unity with nature, to mature the hearts of others to be awaken what life is really about: Serving others. There is no better way to receive love from a sacrificial act of a kiss, hug, touch, a smile;

It is a warm loving Spirit to fuel a fire of intimacy to knowing someone in meeting and to provide the whole needs for the needy.

Natural affection. It is so simple, yet misunderstood, so powerful; but the most abused. They say what comes out of the mouth the heart speaks, but how you touch, the heart can be clearly seen by many.

It’s not the touch that is subjective, but it is intensive of your intentions of why you are willing to give a touch that can impact a lifetime for better or worse.

(C) 2020 Ter E Rucks

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