Prosper. Ode To The Well of Purpose

Chicago; May, 2020
(C) Terry E. Rucks

This feeling, this feeling, this feeling I have is the best.

I’m glad God is realigning for the purpose of good; outpour of drain in grains of rain to produce a perfect balance for healthy nutrients in creation to produce a living well-being environment for all.

The induce of his divine intelligence, accelerates a perfect prorate for a prosperous fortune that only a sound of mind can harmonize.

Do not be wise in your own eyes; let the Lord open your own eyes he designed,

to see the finest wine of your time, to see and to taste an expectancy he reveals as good; very well, very delicious, very delightful, very tasteful, very merry for the heart for your soul to take pleasure.

No more time to guess. Expect nothing but the best from the nest what God stores for the rest from the East to the West for the coming days for the next.

Chicago, May 2020
(C) Terry E. Rucks

(c) 2020 Ter E Rucks

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