Enough is Enough. A Thought of a Grieving Heart

Discouraged and disturbed, Discontent with the content of dividing Kingdoms colliding.

The current state of the Prophetic is pathetic. One side pray for leaders, One side praying against leaders; trying to prove a proven thesis of who’s accurate at the rate of self worth of who’s the most trusted from a cliche’ network.

We were religious all this time; making others skeptical in erasing their drawing sketches into losing their religion called salvation.

Too many voices, too many noises, too many choices to pick and nick. Cities sunken in lake of fire, Communities destroyed, lives have been lost, vision of progress longevity wealth has been snatched.

There’s a tipping point where enough is enough. I must find my Savior to savor his guidance, and his wisdom. Transparency doesn’t always feels good, but a grieving heart makes gives a Father a meaningful purpose of presence to exist to give attention to come nearer to hear a heart of the displeasure, the abused, the overlooked, the perculiar.

Tried in the fire, I am now tired of the ideas being fired how my brain was wired to be hired to bring change.

How long will change be fulfilled in its fullest potential?

(C) Ter E Rucks 2020

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