So Much Joy

(C) Ter E Rucks 2020
Chicago, IL

Joy. It’s a word we all always want to delight in the light of life; but many don’t know how Joy flows when the light goes off in the night.

Joy. It is persistence with excellence to give your all what ever falls.

Joy. Is it too good to be true to enjoy a joyful noise in the land of living? A time of non stop celebrations?

Joy. Is it too good to be true to experience this eccentric vibration as a living organism?

Joy. As long your eyes have opened, your feet touches the ground, your lungs pumping the blood cells of air of energy what is called oxygen;

God has a mind for you and a purpose for living with the meet of the minds to accomplish what is needs to be met.

Joy. Praise God, what “would have” turned out “what was not”.

What should have been, could not manifest prematurely. As you mature, maturation of time will not delay in stagnation .

Joy. The choice is easy. Either you choose a sound of mind or clutter mind of calamity. But just because you choose joy, doesn’t mean how you process things will be easy to feel the heartbreaks of sharp knife trying to take m away your breath of life.

But Joy. I shall not die, not I. I am the walking consecration of an affirmation with a determination to be set apart to bring the light to others to find something bright in themselves.

The thief can’t kill what was never stolen, for the chief over my life gave me greatest cheese exceedingly and abundantly; Joy.

(C) 2020 Ter E Rucks

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