Surrender (The Pride Of God)

Detroit, June 2020
(C) Ter E Rucks

What is freedom when there’s rebellion?

Make me cling what is good, and hate what is evil.

Make me pure from the iniquity of my impurity consciousness of uncleanness.

Make me whiter than snow than the dirt what is darker in the ignorance what we don’t know.

Where’s the outpour God? Where can I gain access with the input to be plugged in?

God laughs. He has the final finger print of the time clock of the world imprint.

For his thoughts, are not our thoughts. Our strength is no match for his weakness. His psyche exceeds than our own sanity.

The insanity to initiate stubborn planning doesn’t equate the effective determination of the steps He is building for a greater cause, for the world to be pressed in pause for a great transformation.

Pressed in pressure; pressure in patience, patience in persistence, persistence in purpose; this is the Pride of God. For they say he is a jealous God; but jealous over you.

For every heart to drop the beat to surrender under the direction of his authority and royalty for an everlasting loyalty.

Find your way, if you may; for the days have already been counted to be made for justice in the living.

Give thanks in giving; be forever grateful for God to give you best breath for the next test to mark down your greatest lesson:

There are no later regrets, when your mind is already made up to be great. How do you defeat the opposition of your disposition? Surrender.

(C) Ter E Rucks 2020

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