Re-define. Re-examine. Re-evaluate. Re-explore. Re-align.

Start a new line.

Find your start, among the stars.

What didn’t work in the beginning isn’t the end.

On the other end, is just the beginning of your journey.

Your greatest destination is what’s on your mind has in stores in transformation for a nation.

Reevaluate your stagnation, It’s never too late. Go back and find your rightful place.

Don’t try to find life, let life find you.

You are already in use what God has already put in you.

You were already existed in his thoughts before you were conceived, so your dreams begin.

Revisit. Reconceive. Review. Reconsider.

The sweetest and greatest victory in the battles of your journey is the straight face in being straight forward to admit the truth of your results.

Don’t be insulted by the adversaries of adversity.

The experiment was needed for growth measurement in how you stand in effort.

Be willing to know your deficiencies. Study your personal film of your every move.

When there is a loss, there must be a gain what you recover.

In recovery, there’s a surplus. An excess in your production over what is demand. This is your greatest command.

Reiterate. Say what you what you mean, rediscover the words of your meaning.

Re-define. Give yourself another chance, what is my role of worth in change?

(C) Ter E Rucks 2020

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