Pleasure Purpose

San Francisco, November 2020

The Lord has formed the Earth as our playground. Partake in it and enjoy the purpose that was made just for you.

I used to be afraid to pursue her named purpose.

Was I strong enough for her?

Was I confident to pursue her?

It is ok to have tears in fear to pursue what you never had?

Lord. I never been here before. I never reached this far what seems like it will take forever.

God wept. It is not demonic for something ironic to take one step forward.

It’s only demonic to go backwards to the wasteland of vomit where your demons reside to stay spoiled and rotten to witness the torture of your dreams to never progress.

In the end there is only one simplicity to our complexity.

Whether we step up and do it or stay down and say no to it.

The world continues to be evolved, despite our choice not to stay involved.

Purpose has its pain, but purpose must have pleasure.

With no pleasure there are no intentions to connect in following through.

Delight yourself. Transcend to the end. Go beyond your own limits. Pursuit in purpose is like romance.

Romance is a mystery. Inspire with the divine, Pleasure purpose is never predictable. It constantly changes for us to thrive by chance.

Chance is the possibility to see the capability breathing for life support.

Take your chance. Make your moves.

Pleasure purpose. Don’t be afraid. Don’t you fret, you will not regret.

Your date with progress will only become smooth when you take your targets to digest your input to outpour the process what you have pursue with subdue.

Strive and Stride. Your bride is awaiting for your arrival.

(C) 2020 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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