Holy Spirit

Holy. Spirit.

The Spirit of comfort. The Spirit of Power. The Spirit of all-knowing, to guide and lead all to freedom in all truth.

Holy. Spirit.

Divine. Who always stays connected by the Vine.
He is the Spirit, a divine teacher who stays in line who does not lie, will not speak in his own ability but in protocol; to speak only what he hears and whatever he hears he declares to all who invite him what is coming ahead in the days, years, and generations to come in fulfillment.

Holy. Spirit. Sweet Holy Spirit.

He is the Spirit of Romance, who is spontaneous to arouse the inner man to be ignited and regenerated to be awaken for Spiritual truth distributed to all to be reminded of the only one true living God’s jealous love over all.

A gentleman, full of romance, for romance have secrets of excitement and mysteries and it takes precious time of patience to invest to seek and know the deeper depths of the heart of God.

It is through the intellect and fine wisdom of the Holy Spirit who will help us, mold us, warns us, grows us deepens our groans for deep depths of God’s love and his heart to be released upon.

For love is not self-seeking.
For love is not love, unless it has been given away in its greatest measures of appreciation and dedication we value.

Holy. Spirit.

The Spirit of Creativity. The Spirit of great works. The Spirit of excellence. The Spirit who gives miracles and healings.
The Spirit who gives the greatest gifts. His eyes transcends beyond the ambition of our intuition; but to speak in the waves of communication what is about to come ahead.

Holy. Spirit.

He is the Spirit of boldness who sees the potential of all in fullness in completion and walks with us in steps all the way.

He is the filter that cleans out the dirt and filthiness in our hearts what we have developed in our ignorance of our own past and present; what we thought can be bought to pay off our drought in our own lives.

It is the Holy Spirit who is Holy and Spirit who is willing to refresh us with the waters of the Spirit in the supernatural for the Spiritual body has the Natural Body for the soul to be hydrated and replenish with no drought to suffocate.
Holy. Spirit.

A blazing fire, a rushing wind, the falling dew of water falls with a purifying heart of a strong anointing running with oil that can not be blaspheme to withstand against. He is the mediator of our meditation, a counselor of our consultation, a friend , the one who was there all along to sanctify us in the womb of our birth to nurture us into full development as man and woman with no lack, but full of fervent spirit of zeal in faith to bear so much fruit for coming days ahead.

Ter E Rucks (c) All Rights Reserved 2021


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