Help Me, Not Hurt Me: Emotional Intelligence (EI) Part II

Emotional Intelligence (E.I.)

It’s not about reading the mind of another, but reading and observing the room where our presence acknowledges to see what are the needs to be given full attention for the benefit of another.

It’s not about lifting heavy burdens of another, it all starts and ends with yourself in how you regulate yourself that can help make a life of another person become efficient.

Emotional Intelligence motto: Emotional Partnership. Help Me not Hurt Me.

Relationship requires so much work and priorities that have to be voluntarily arrange.

Making calls, planning events, long term plans, short term plans, financial discussions, emotional intelligence, spiritual development, foundations of family values, discovering mental patterns, studying another while still learning how do you cope with yourself and not lose your voice or own thought.

Being unmarried and married, self asks this question. Am I really ready for this responsibility?

(C) 2021 All Rights Reserved Ter E Rucks

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