Sex With Purpose

After the Sex, what’s next?

Like Marvin Gaye said in ‘76, what’s after the dance? Like Michael, what’s next after winning the sixth gold championship on the last dance?

What’s the next best move for a nap to lay our heads to rest for purpose to lie down in truth to abide for the future?

My love. I give it freely, but there’s a cost to receive it in this final lap called journey.

How long will love withstand more than a one night stand?

This is deeper than penetration. This takes great concentration.

It takes more to sweep us off our feet. How much we are willing to weep for each other, to catch the tracks of our tears?

Do you know our greatest fears? To extend our hurts with broken hearts with no direction?

Let’s redirect our intentions and pay attention. Let’s make love. Love making shouldn’t be lust, when it’s assertive for intentional purpose in a long lasting gasp for a healing regime between the gap.

Let us find our minds engaged and active. Sex with purpose isn’t a physical activity, it’s heart to heart to draw an art what our future will stand on today.

Sex With Purpose, it’s a Divine Synergy we give energy for a cause for a great effect. There’s the greatest consequence in the sequence of the hands in time.

The love of your mind, heart, and womb; purifies my soul to protect and preserve a future legacy together.

Let’s bless our future seeds with our greatest need to feed our Body Soul and Spirit on good ground for.

The motive isn’t just for Gratification, our greatest motives of Stratification comes in levels in the state of frequency and Spirits we operate in.

There’s levels to this. Sex With Purpose, it is Body, Soul and Spirit (BSS) altogether.

Body is for presence, Soul is Wellness of emotional in being, Spirit is the greatest form of purpose for a Union of exchanging.

This is God’s masterpiece for our desire. To elevate our way of thinking beyond what we comprehend, but to appreciate, honor, what’s lovely in our senses with an intention to sow good seed for our relational needs that’s healing, holistic, and alluring.

Let’s open our hearts and minds together, and submerge, to preserve our desires with great substance in delight.

Lets rediscover a great balance of this dissertation of sensuality sensitivity. Let’s hold transparent conversations and ask the meaningful questions to discovery our past traumas in moving forward for the best transition in evolving our being.

Sex with Purpose. Vivacious. Whole. Vigorous Intention. It’s more than flesh and beyond our greatest pleasure; it is a delight of consistency in valuing in what we are worth over.

Ter E Rucks (C) 2021 All Rights Reservve

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