Stay True 2 The Steadfast (Ode to 2022)

Chicago, Ill; January 2022,
Terry Rucks

Stepping out from the old, stepping in to the new; 2022 is true and here for me to stay grounded in my roots.

1st quarter begins. January has begun. Time to take care of business. Brutal ice, violent winds, but beauty of white snow is inevitable.

This is the season of the reclusive. Staying reclusive is at peace in being exclusive in this cold world.

This year many will have to war this year. Truthfully this year will be struggle for the several, this year will be smooth for some.

Decisions and Transitions have to be made and carried over by God. Earthly Arrivals and departures are appointed not to be disappointed mistakenly.

Time ticks on purpose, this a tour of the detour. There are many ways to make your days worth living.

Let your heart and mind be one and embrace the new view and to not look back at the rear view.

Be renewed and not conform to the pressures of the fire that is burning, that the smoke would try to diminish your sight and ability to breathe.

Stand firm. Be Steadfast and Breathe again.

Let life live in the land of living.

Ter E. Rucks (c) 2022 All Rights Reserved

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