A Father of Many Nations

He wasn’t taught to be respected internally nor viewed respected from the outsiders; he had to be subjected by many to be the bottom of the totem pole in humanity.

This….he had a love and hate negotiation in settling to be the bastard child. As a bastard child, he had to scratch and crawl to reach the top. As a bastard child he had to grow up alone with lack of guidance and as a bastard child he had to grow up and develop an egotistical identity to find his value in this world.

Money Manna Material, accomplishments, credentials was his concept what how to earn respect. His relationship with women was complicated because he felt his egotistical matters in valuing his voice.

He can’t conform to be the Man that he hates.

Wins with grace and loses with class.

Dear Lord.
He’s moving. He’s growing.
Climbing to see The Horizonal heights outside of his limits.

May his prayerful prophetic pronouncement be his greatest affirmation.

The Man that he is, is the reflection of a Man that I am.

I love myself who I became to be. A Father to the wounded, a Father to the lost, A Father to the misunderstood, A Father to the Next.

A Father is not only biological. A Father is Divine being in building a foundation of stabilization in civilization.

A catalyst in building the foundation. Consistent in arranging a configuration of identification, communication, direction, protection and preservation in the continuity for the whole household of community.

A Father. A man of his word, the mantle of his words doesn’t return void, but in fulfillment in executing effort with excellence in equity; with a servant’s heart as a deputy to give the greatest need for next generation: A Father’s Heart.

(C) 2022 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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