Starve Your Addiction; Feed Your Understanding

Let it penetrate in your heart and mind where you can find the gateway of your dreams go beyond the galaxy of the atmosphere.

Starve Your Addiction; Feed Your Conditioning.

Starve your addiction, feed your understanding; Where knowledge needs wisdom for an application to perfect an execution.

It is the mind of God for our minds to crave in balance!

To thrive a place where we understand, a place where we can discern, a place where we can choose to lose not to be captured in captivity.

Where there is balance there is wisdom that resides to listen and acknowledge two sides of every story.

Balance differentiate the dichotomy anatomy between our wants and needs.

Yes humble yourself,
but make your value be known.

Be careful to voice the wants of your choice, but always use your voice to Speak out if you NEED to.

Yes Forgive, but continue to be selective to preserve your sanity away from iniquity and petition for equity and fairness in Justice.

Addiction is not never essential. Greed is never satisfying.

For balance comes with contentment what are we willing to let go and seek more in to discerning what times are we living in how do we have the need to adapt.

There is freedom in balance and there is a beauty of discovering to be multidimensional.

Know where you stand. Pick a choice when you can.

(c) 2022 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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