Dear Lord: The Embracement of Remembrance

Dear Lord

The God of the Universe

Consecration is concentration for the greatest cause to bring attention in judging the condition of our intentions.

In your remembrance, let these verses embrace the personable cases of validation.

In your remembrance, Help me to remember your touch. To forever be open hearted of affection, to heal the souls in foreign soils with the touch of righteousness.

In your remembrance, Help me remember how tasteful your love is. When there is love, there’s a love affair with wisdom to marry purpose.

In your remembrance, Help me to always be exhilarated of your plans. Help me to anticipate your surprises, and your duality of personalities that includes humor for the delightful heart.

Help me to remember your sensibilities in being sensitive, where intuition and sensation is subjected beyond our perception; for the Spirit speaks not in His own way, but always speaks to tell the truth tales what’s about to come in our way.

In your remembrance, Help me to remember humility, in spending quality of time to know your appetite.

In your remembrance, Help me to embrace your vitality of diversity. To be open minded to embrace ideas of the multi-dimensions for a great commission to specify each distinction.

For there are no limits how you reach the masses. Your creativity is perfection. Your variety fulfills with no lack, the Spirit filled life is creativity in seeing every circumstance as an art of a journey in discovery like Noah’s ark.

In your remembrance, Help me to remember that nothing is ever too good to be true, when I acknowledge you.

Help me to remember never to forget your words from the living word that you never forsaken me nor leave me.

In your remembrance, Help me to remember, my down falls are not fatality; it is a lesson to be temperate and gracious being a bridge for others to cross over to not suffer for Intergenerational transfer blessings, miracles, and wealth.

In your remembrance, may I not be the wisdom of this age, nor the ruler of this age; but to be the wisdom among the mature at this stage that will outlast future days.

In your remembrance, make me believe the sanity of prayer. Help me to expand my mind that it is more than a wish list, but a list full of active words that is sharper than a two edge sword to penetrate the intentions between Soul and Spirit.

Dear Lord in your remembrance may my eyes forever be awaken to see beneath the surface of the world I will stand and face against the faulty furnace.

In your remembrance, Help me not to forget the presence of humility. For my attitude is to always give thanks of gratitude being the last standing on the grandest state of living.

Dear Lord, may your remembrance be exalted over the waters of knowledge on earth, throughout the ages that will forever withstand in the test of time for the best lifetime of the civilized!

Ter E Rucks (C) 2022 All Rights Reserved

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