Quiet Confidence

Mystique, shrewd, and alluring. Authenticity is my greatest currency. You can’t read my mind to know what I’m thinking on the outside. I know the assets I carry on the inside, but I have the power without proving it to show it off to put on the show.

Smooth, observing, a state with the mind of concerning, I always know when is the right time to listen up and the right time to speak up.

I don’t put blame to shame the voice of the obnoxious and boastful, my presence alone shuts down the game before tip off to shift the momentum of the stage with a state of mind.

Everything about this man and woman of quiet confidence is deep, it’s from within, its about their consistency, their discernment, their exotic eyes being aware in translating the language of the atmosphere.

Calm Cool Collected. A Quiet confidence of a man and woman always desire to be in control of their destiny in their world with their words, conscious, and Spirit.

They are soulful, eyes, tasteful, elegant, with a class you can’t buy, but only built with a development of years in expertise.

Attraction, freedom, private with a solitude attitude; sacredness is their nakedness. Protection is their value of identity, maturity is their security.

Aesthetic, free spirit, privy; it’s not about being an introvert, nor being an extrovert, its how to convert in being well rounded in converse at a opportune precise frame of kind.

Quiet confidence. The feeling is genuine and well accomplishing of feeling heard than being seen.

Quiet Confidence never says good-bye, they quietly leaves on the scene that leads a big announcement of their contributions they’ve blazed a trademark for a lifetime of change with the trace marks of their lipsticks.

(C) 2022 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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