Living Single, Facing The Feelings: ReInvent Yourself Part II

Flowers, candy, dates, kisses, hugs and sex.

Everybody wants to be “booed up” next.

Every one wants to experience this simplistic but complex feeling what it is like to be “loved”.

Everyone wants their time to be invested in.

Everyone wants a nice and sexy for a adventure of sensuous travels to see foreign soils with the soul who they love to run in the arms with.

So what you do now since none is in front of your face? Face your feelings.

Don’t dream it, live it. Stop waiting, don’t let the heavyweights of anticipation get you down to a frown; build your muscle mass to crown your mind for your own kind.

Be kind to yourself. Give grace to yourself where you pace yourself what’s in place ahead of you. The only way you want others to respect your value is you valuing the values of your own possessions: yourself.

Loving yourself is not a cliche. It is the free way style of life that catches your breath to make moments that will take your breath away.

Living Single is futuristic in planning for preparations for quality assurance. What is my life is like alone? What will my life will be like with this individual? What are adjustments I need to make? Will I have to compromise my liberation to be one organization with the person whom I will marry?

Singles ask themselves this question with a heavy heart inquisitively for a creative curiosity they want to stay in the flow; to never miss their own beat on the go to the rhythm of life.

This is the purpose and mission of singleness without a ring: Originate your sound. Discovering the patterns, beats and rhymes between your eyes and ears you want to create. Build your culture, expand your career in passion of purpose , exceed beyond your own self to serve in unfamiliar capacity in finding ways how to relate in reality.

You are single for a reason, for a divine justification in the time hands of God. You must learn how yield and understand the grounds of obedience to seek deeper inside of your inner core, to measure, evaluate to ascend your personal goals. Blessed with intuition God has breathe and spoke unto us, will require us to make life long width decisions.

Growth is not inevitable. It is a choice. Growth is not by chance, it is from the mind you find to make a decision not to stay stuck that sucks up opportunities away.

This is the greatest opportunity being a single man and woman that I am: Not seeing time wasted on yourself. You are your best brand. You are your best marketer.

You have a legacy to build for no one else but yourself. You have room to groom your liberation with a move call action.

You are made in the image of God to arise from the ashes to become a sound of mind man and woman as a living organism under one sound in Spirit and truth more productive long term than a short term orgasm.

Pray, Heal, Mediate what God has made you to innovate in embracing your own journey to come to pass.

Travel. Discover. Study. Learn. Teach and Expand! You got more living to do just for you.

(C) 2022 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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